We Only Come Out At Night

There are some shoots where everything just clicks. The model, the stylist, the photographer, the space... it's like some sort of creative alchemy merging together, the sort that you imagine would be fulled by expensive gin rather than cheap tea and homemade cupcakes.

I was lucky enough to partake in such a wonderful shoot, with the delightful Mister Joe Black modelling pieces made from the mistress of glitter, Pearls and Swine. It was one of the first full on shoots that we had at The Second Floor Studio, and quite possibly the most fun shoot that I've ever worked on to date. We ended up with a really varied series of photos, some of which I'm sharing here for you to drool over. I do warn you though, you'll want to get your credit cards ready as you will simply have to buy every piece upon seeing them... Consider yourselves warned before you look on!

It's almost impossible to believe that it's the same person in all of the shots!

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