Twenty Ten

If you'd asked me twenty years ago what I was going to be when I grew up, I was going to be a writer. Writing has always been my other love next to photography and tea drinking, and I was adament that my adult life was going to be spent sailing around the world in a sailboat whilst writing novels. And possibly saving dolphins. And the world. I had rather big ambitions as a ten year old.

However as a late 20-something who will no doubt be lying about her age from next year, the closest that I get to the ocean now is eating cupcakes on Brighton Beach with Bunny, or shooting pin-ups in Cambersands.

Cambersands Pin-Up.

It's fun to stay beside the seaside, but London has my heart and acts as my playground. It's a city that whenever I leave it, I can't wait to return to. Even when TFL make me lose the will to live or someone's throwing up next to me on the n29 bus a walk through Soho, Embankment or hell, even Hackney Marshes... it can make you see things differently.

Hackney Marsh.

Hackney Marsh.

Hackney Marsh.

Bus, Chinese New Year, Oxford Circus.

Battersea Power Station.


Teeth, Barbican.

Cambridge Circus.

Pylons, Hackney Marsh.

Stop / Go, Soho.


Hackney Marsh.

Hackney Marsh.

View from Charing Cross Station.
London is a city which holds a certain magic to it; especially this time of the year. I keep meaning to throw my camera in my bag and head out in search of piles of red leaves to jump through. Crunchy piles of leaves and giant puddles are guilty pleasures when wearing big boots. Alas the stack of editing awaits, and early sunsets mean limited chances... but. Sunday. Columbia Flower Market, a bag of cameras and some good, strong, early morning coffee possibly awaits.

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