I Don't Care If Monday's Blue.

Today is meant to be Blue Monday, the gloomiest day of the year - that first "proper" day back in work world where you'd rather eat the coffee creams at the bottom of the chocolate tin than leave your bed. However you CAN buck the trend. Yes, it's sad to say goodbye to all the tinsel and glitter of the festive season, but dragging yourself back into work mode is the prime moment to start making changes.

I'm lucky enough that I work for myself, but that's not without it's stresses. Chasing clients for payments and an inability to switch off ensure that self employment isn't for everyone. However with a minimum email checking rule over Christmas and New Year, I came back to my desk raring to go. It made me more focused and today has been spent editing photos and starting on an Arts Council application for a project I'm hoping to make happen in the Autumn. This (along with lots of tea) has kept me feeling happy today despite the constant wet, grey and gloom outside my window.

The winter blues are far more than just going back to work. A lack of sunshine (and therefore melatonin and serotonin production) can bring about a slump, with the urge to hibernate ever increasing. Therefore it's more important than ever that you take the time to make POSITIVE changes (not ones which start "I must not..."). Embrace changes for the good!

These changes can be simple. Whether it's starting to look at what you need to do to change careers, increase your fitness or surround yourself with better people, now is the time to start. Rather than focus on how dreary it is, and how broke you are until payday, look forward to getting beyond that. Research, reflect, move on.

Over the past few years, one of the best things I've done is to be mindful of the company I keep. As such, I have a small group of close friends who I would trust my life to, and a lot of acquaintances  who are lovely and fun. Those who came armed with knives, passive aggression or a hidden agenda are generally set to one side quickly and I feel that my life has become better for it. Things just aren't worth the drama. 

So how am I combating the gloom? I'm putting the framework in place for good things later in the year - a new website, a new exhibition and a polished version of me. I'm not dieting, but I'm changing how I eat to manage my PCOS. And once I've finished my course of antibiotics, I'm looking forward to throwing myself back into an exercise regime which always makes me feel more focused.

Also don't underestimate the power of a nice cup of tea and a slice of good cake. (Wine and pizza are also acceptable substitutes!) Just remember we're one day closer to the weekend! 

Until next time,

Diana xx

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