It's all been a little quiet around here for the last week, but that's mostly because I've either been in my running kit or pyjamas - not a glamorous moment or outfit in sight! That said, it's also been a week of getting stuff done, and I'm winning the war against my editing pile AND have eased myself into my 5K training.

I'm not a sporty person by nature, but in a bid to fight against my PCOS, I decided to attempt to run 5K at the end of the month. To me, exercise does not equate to a good time but I'm trying to do it in as a fun a manner as possible. Firstly, I'm running it with some of my best friends and The Electric Run is effectively a giant rave with a 5k thrown into the middle of it. With lots of DJs, UV lights and glow stick fun dotted around the course, I'm hoping it isn't going to feel as arduous as my current sunrise runs are! Still, they are keeping me focused and it's nice to have a goal which is to do with fitness, and nothing else.

One of my annoying traits is that I have a habit of throwing myself head-first into things, so a plan of two days on and one day off has run into five days straight and my calves giving out earlier today around the 20 minute mark. The trudge back home was pretty horrific, but a long soak in the bath with a cup of tea has seemed to appease it. I'm debating whether to re-attempt tomorrow as I know I can't run on Tuesday - I guess I'm still trying to push myself and work out what is too much or too little. I'm sure a few more weeks and I'll be working with a better routine!

However I am getting quite bored of pyjamas and running clothes, and desperately need to inject some fun and glamour back into my life! Hopefully next week will see a few outfit and beauty posts as I'm shooting quite a lot and therefore will need to attempt to look human!

I'm also in desperate need of a good sports bra any recommendations. If anyone has any advice, all will all be welcomed!

Until next time,

Diana xx

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