Parka Life.

Since November, I've been borderline hibernating inside a coat which Howard has affectionately named my "bear coat". Fleece lined, faux-fur trimmed and a size too big, it is quite simply, the ugliest parka in the world. However it is also the single most cosy thing I've ever owned in my entire life, and I feels as if I'm wearing a sleeping bag whenever I put it on to battle the outside elements. I love it and hate it in equal measures; it's so practical and effective, but I feel like a cranky oversized toddler whilst zipped into it!

Now seeing as I'm not always the most practical of people, as soon as there is even a hint of sunshine and the rain has been shooed away, out comes my cape. It's a stunning vintageitem in a lovely bottle green, and despite it's slight woolly warmth, is still immensely annoying to wear. I can't wear a bag over my shoulder, I'm forever flapping my arms to move it back to where it needs to be and waiting for a tube train to zoom past makes me feel like a superhero.

It's a bit annoying, but it's oh, so pretty. And I always feel amazing whenever I wear it. Slightly frazzled, but amazing.

Red turban: Nan's Knitwear
Green cape: vintage.
Kelly Bag: vintage.
Tights: Simply Be.
Black heels: Yours Clothing.

It's the perfect item to wear around Autumn and Spring, and I am counting down until I can pack my parka away for a good few months. Hopefully then, I can feel a little more me, a little less schoolchild.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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