One Day Next Year - My NYE Disaster!

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Happy new year to everyone out there! I hope that your evening antics as we said goodbye to 2013 were a lot more fun than mine!

Now to start at the beginning, I had very exciting plans with people I adore so was very happy. I was planning on wearing my brand new sequin dress from Yours Clothing and couldn't wait to get my dancing shoes on. In theory, everything was good. My work was up to date(ish), my out of office reply was still live and technically I was still on holiday despite having been back in London for a few days.

However since arriving back in London, I'd felt a lump starting to take residence at the back of my throat. It was annoying, but I just put it down to the beginnings of a cold and since I'd managed to avoid one for the entire winter period to date, couldn't grumble too much. A few days later, it was getting worse, but I kept telling myself that I'd be fine. Rum in hot ribena, pain killers, throat sprays - they would fix everything. I was completely ignoring the fact that at this point it hurt to drink water and I was barely eating or sleeping due to the pain.

Still, nothing like a bit of denial to carry you through! New Years Eve arrived and despite barely eating or sleeping for five days, I was still convinced I was fine to go out. I wanted to stay home, but stupidly was worried about letting people down so as the evening arrived, I started to get ready, I had hoped that a glass of bubbles would help, but I actually couldn't drink it - it was too painful - and it sat sadly on my desk for the whole evening as I sipped on water.

Stage one: make-up.

Stage two: Un-pin pin-curls.
Looking back at these photos, I can see how unhappy I look. No matter what the smile is doing, the eyes totally give it away. Yet I persisted. I brushed my hair out, got into my dress and heels and was ready to go...

...and was back home by 10!

Dress: Yours Clothing.
Necklace, Cat Bracelet and Art Deco Ring: Tatty Devine
Tights: Simply Be.
Underbust Body Shaper: Simply Be.

After an hour or so, my wonderful boyfriend and flatmate bundled me into a cab, and the three of us came home leaving the rest of our group at the venue. Luckily we were in Camden so not too far away from where we live. I immediately changed into my pyjamas and a dressing gown and we saw the night in with boardgames and watched the fireworks at midnight from our balcony. Howard's sister and her lovely boyfriend even popped in for a midnight hug as they were passing through, and although it wasn't the NYE I'd imagined or looked forward to, there was something still quite sweet about it.

I woke up the following morning hoping that some sort of New Year miracle might have taken place, but could barely move. I eventually gave up, got dressed and dragged myself to a walk in clinic where I was immediately packed off with what felt like a lifetimes worth of penicillin. I have to take eight tablets for ten days, and am hoping that by tomorrow I'll start to feel the benefits of it. 

One thing I will say is that things like this make me realise how lucky I am to have the people I do around me. My darling boyfriend has made sure there's always been a supply of hot Ribena and and ice lollies whilst one of my best friends, Bettie Wishes, turned up by surprise armed with the trifle of my dreams - something which I'd been craving ever since my throat had started to act up.

So despite currently resembling a husky voiced zombie, I'm trying to be feel grateful for all the good things and not go down the "woe is me" route. I feel a little miserable, but am sure I'll bounce back really quickly. 

Happy new year! 

Until next time,

Diana xx

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