Rock & Roller Queen - The Amazing and Original Sleep-In Rollers.

Although I love my pin-curls and the vintage waves they offer, sometimes a girl needs a bit of a change. I'm quite fussy with what I do to my hair and it's very rare that I use anything with heat so trying out some sleep-in rollers didn't feel like too far a jump from my usual pin-curl action.

Sleep-In Rollers, Goodbye Sleepless Nights, Hello Great Hair!
I have actually slept in plastic rollers before, and I can tell you know, it is NO fun. I've also tried other brands of Velcro rollers, but even with pins and a headscarf, found that they often misplaced themselves during the night and pulled out a lot of hair when trying to untangle them. However I had heard such good things about the Sleep-In Rollers brand, that I had to give them a try.

My hair is a fairly course texture which verges on dry but can retain a curl really well. After washing it, I ran some mouse and serum through it before letting it air-dry until damp. I had purchased the Original Gift Set for £24.95 which contained two sizes of rollers for both big and HUGE volume. It also contained a handy drawstring bag to keep them all in, along with a velour pouch filled with kirby grips - quite literally everything you'd need to use and look after them. The rollers also come with a handy DVD which is great for anyone a little unsure with how to get the best from them.

Rather than being made of plastic, these rollers are designed to flatten when you lie down whilst still ensuring you wake up with hair filled with bounce and body. Whilst they still feel a little like an inconvenience, they are nothing short of luxury compared to other rollers I've used in the past and I was amazed to find that not a hair out of place when I awoke the next morning. Even without wearing a protective headscarf the Velcro and pins really held them securely. Once the rollers had been pinned in, I'd simply sprayed them with hairspray and left them to work their magic.

The result? Big, shiny hair free from frizz!

Whilst it's not my usual style, I really enjoyed wearing my hair like this. I didn't feel at all like me, and kept getting a bit of a shock when looking in the mirror!

I'll definitely be using them again, and am keen to try out the larger rollers as I suspect they will be great to create the foundation of a volume-centric up-do. Anything which avoids having to back-comb like crazy has to be great, right?

Until next time,

Diana xx

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