Pink Elephants On Parade.

This cut out detail tea dress was high on my wish list when it first appeared on the ASOS website, but I sadly left it too late and was unable to nab one in the size I wanted. I was utterly thrilled when last week I saw one being sold brand new on eBay for a fraction of the price, and immediately began to stalk the auction like a hawk swooping in on it's pray.

A few days later, I was very excited to see a small soft packet in the hands of my postman, and within minutes had the dress on and was parading around my bedroom wearing it. It's a bit of a weird fit - the top half seems a whole lot bigger than the bottom, almost as if two parts of different dresses had been sewn together. Once belted though, the fit was a little better although I still felt it needed a cardigan too - a shame seeing as it was the cut outs at the front and back which had really caught my attention.

Weird fit aside, can we just take a second to appreciate just how adorable the print is. Pink elephants, lime applies, purple stars - it just couldn't be any cuter!

Dress: ASOS, via eBay.
Cardigan: Jo Cardigan in Tiny Cherries (Antique Green) by Collectif.(£25, was £35.)
Belt: ASOS Curve.
Hair Flower: Pearls & Swine.
Tights: Simply Be.
Heels: Yours Clothing.

I'm not entirely sure yet if I'm going to be keeping this dress or selling it on - I love, love, love the print but sadly it just feels a little too big on me. I'm going to see what I can do it make it fit a little better, but I have a sneaky suspicion that this might find it's way back on eBay pretty soon.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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