All Sewn Up - Tales From The Bottom Of The Wardrobe

Even with Autumn getting it's feet in under the table, I'm still a sucker for the perfect Summer dress. I just tend to add layers until I'm warm enough, and was so happy when I discovered I could squeeze back into this made to measure dress.

Dress: Hand-made by Katy & The Hapiness.
Leggings: F&F True.
Shoes: Vintage.
Necklace: Tatty Devine.
Flowers: Pearls & Swine.
Cat Ring: Tatty Devine.
Moon Stone Ring: Vintage.
Bracelets: Vintage.

I adore polkda dots, and the vintage lace gave the dress a lovely frilly flourish. Now that it's getting chillier, it's the sort of dress which is easy to wear with a fluffy cardigan or bolero for a soft yet grungy aesthetic. I've also got no problems trading the heels in for ankle boots with this re-discovered gem, and feel that now I've worn it once, will some what live in this dress in the coming months. It's so wonderful when you find a new love for older clothes, and I am so happy I can finally squeeze back into it!

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