Freeze Frame - A Mobile Photography Competition with Giff Gaff.

I'm never normally too far away from a camera, but have found myself using my phone more and more to capture those off-the-cuff moments when running from one destination to the next. As such, my Instagram feed is filled with lots of photos of London at it's finest so when I saw that GiffGaff were running a #nofilter photography competition, I thought I'd "give it a shot".

My entry is the image above - a shot taken on my phone as we pulled into Paddington station ahead of some almost apocalyptic storms which London experienced a few weeks ago. The sky was crazy, but utterly stunning and was definitely a scene which didn't need any sort of filter thrown on top.

The competition got me thinking about other images I've shot on my phone, so went through my feed and pulled out a few of my other favourites.

In addition to those ones, here are a few images which have been taken on my phone but had a little tweak with the help of filters.

If you want to give the competition a go yourself, the rules can be found on the GiffGaff website here.

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