Honey In Your Hips - Plus Size Tights from Pamela Mann

Oh my goodness, what a busy few weeks! I always find things get a little crazy this time of year and it's been a never ending stream of photoshoots, writing and DJ sets for a good month now. I've finally found some time to set aside to blog again, and it feels nice to be able to share a few things which I've really wanted to talk about.

Wild Rose Printed Tights (£.99) from Pamela Mann.

First of all, how stunning these Wild Rose printed tights from Pamela Mann? Available up to a UK size 32, these garden party inspired pins are the perfect product for those not quite ready to wave good-bye to Summer. They're also a fantastic way to break up a black dress and boots, they sit on the hip in a roomy fashion with no bunching or pinching at all.

Solid Bow Suspender Effect Tights (£7.99) from Pamela Mann.
The other tights I adored were these super cute Solid Bow Suspender Effect tights. Whilst I love a good pair of stockings, these will offer a little more protection against an Autumnal chill and are easy for everyday wear with no pinging belt straps in sight! Whilst the bow is designed to go at the front, I liked the subtlety of it to the back of the calf instead as it put me in mind of a stockinged seam. Once again, this design is available in Pamela Mann's plus size range and is available up to a UK size 32. I wear mine with a 50s style circle dress and petticoat and it's nice to have that flash of a seam when spinning round.

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