All Wrapped Up For Christmas - Photo Wrapping Paper from wrap.me

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more excited about Christmas, the lovely people at wrap.me got in contact about their amazing photo wrapping paper. It's a genius idea - upload as many of your favourite photos to create your very own personalised photo wrapping. It's the perfect way to personalise your presents, and I was so excited to start sifting through images to add to it.

You can upload photos from almost anywhere - your phone, Instagram, even Facebook. You can also choose as many images as you like to avoid repetition, or have just a chosen few tiled across. As I created some photo wrapping paper for Lord Dicely, I decided to look through images of our last year together and included everything from silly doodles to photobooth snaps.

The process was really simple from start to finish, and I was so excited to see the final product when it arrived. It's perfect if you want something to make that special gift stand out, or if you simply want something you made sat underneath the Christmas tree!

Prices start from £4.99 for a single sheet, with a small roll at £9.99 and a large roll for £14.99. Delivery is free within the UK, and wrap,me also deliver to over 80 countries worldwide. You just need to choose your photos, decide how much wrapping you need to do and simply check out!

When Howard first saw it, his face was priceless. He spent ages looking through all the individual images, and was totally distracted from what was inside! Whilst definitely frivolous. it's going to be lovely unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning with his family, with the photo wrapping paper firing off lots of "Oh, do you remember when...?" I really cannot wait!

If you want to get your own set of photo wrapping paper made up, simply visit the guys at wrap.me to get started.

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  1. What a fantastic idea... too late for Christmas for me... but it's Mr happy's 50th birthday early January
    so me thinks this is going to be his wrapping paper xx

    1. Yay! That sounds lovely! :) 50 is such a happy milestone too! :) xx


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