Stocking Fillers - Plus Size Tights Which Actually Fit From The Big Tights Company

We all know the struggle is real when it comes to tights. Whether you're a size 12 or a size 22, it feels like finding tights which won't shuffle downwards is the stuff of legend. Your options become further limited once above a size 16 and I've spent most of my adult life buying tights which are supposedly a good two sizes bigger than my dress size yet still refuse to fit! More often than not, the crotch finds itself hovering around my thighs, I ladder them instantly from pulling too hard to get them on and if by some miracle they do actually fit, they inevitably dig in at the widest part of my body giving me a figure to rival Lumpy Space Princess.

I had read a few reviews for The Big Tights Company, and when they offered to send out some samples for the blog, I was really excited to give them a go. I tried to not get my hopes too high as with wide hips and a smaller waist, tights never seem to really suit my body. However their tights must be woven with some sort of magic as they are utterly amazing! They fit like a dream, and didn't result in having to do the oh so subtle just-pulling-up-my-tights dance every few steps.

Being a smaller firm, The Big Tights Company manufacture their own "All Woman" brand in Italy, and as such, aren't just tights which have had inserted panels or increased waists. Designed to fit up to a UK 32 (and in some instances, a UK 42), the shape is different with more room in the thigh and tummy area. Further more, they won't cut into your body at akward points as at 5'6" tall, the top of the tights finished just underneath my bust.

All Woman Cotton Woolly Feel Tights.

The first pair of tights I tried were perfect for Winter, with the All Woman Cotton Woolly Feel Tights having a soft, fluffy finish. They were thick and warm and felt soft against my skin thanks to being 60% cotton. These tights have been designed specifically for a larger body, with more room to accommodate larger thighs and tummies. That means to bunching, no falling down and no ladders whilst trying to pull them up!

Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights.

The Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights were up next, and were the perfect every day tights. They offered warmth with a touch of gloss, and proved to be incredibly ladder resistant too. Whilst the sizes offered are 30/32 and 34/36, this is the size they will stretch to. As such, they fit smaller (and taller) sizes really well, and I found that mine stayed where they needed to with no bother at all.

All Women 60 Denier Opaques.

The All Women 60 Denier Opaques are designed with Lycra for the ultimate in stretch and comfort. Offering a great fit and finish for everyday wear, these opaque lovelies are completely ladder resistant with no panels added to the body. A tiny bit sheer and a touch of gloss makes these a great option for work or play. They also come in a second colour option called "make-up" which is lovely caramel colour.

All Women 180 Denier Opaques.

These tights are quite simply incredible. Just looking at them unworn, you can see the additional fabric on the thighs and tummy and as such, they have options fitting up to a UK 42.There is an insane amount of stretch to the All Women 180 Denier Opaques, yet somehow they stay exactly when you want them to. Mine fitted just underneath my bust which is great for Winter as it was like wearing a vest underneath my dress! They are probably the comfiest tights I have ever worn too, and would buy these in an array of colours if only they sold them!

Now that I've found The Big Tights Company, I finally feel I can step away from my leggings! Now we just need some more colours (mustard yellow and burgundy first please!) and my legs will never feel unloved in Winter ever again!

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  1. I know too well the nightmare of tights! These sound fab I keep meaning to check them out x

    1. I was really impressed - the fit is so good on them! :) The woolly and 180 denier ones are without a doubt my favorites. x

  2. Great post and so helpful, I'm size 16/18 with abnormally long legs so buying tights is a nightmare. I've been buying ones from ASOS Curve and just going up a size than I'd normally take (that and wearing knickers over my tights to keep from a sagging crotch disaster) but I'll definitely be trying out the big tights company now!

    C xx

    1. Yay! Glad to be of help! It's amazing what a difference a good pair of fitting tights makes! :) x

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  4. Really interested in buying some of these but can't decide on size!
    The 180 denier ones to be precise.
    One person has said 22/32 and another 32/42 (I'm between a 28-32 dependent on where I shop but my hips are bigger than 60")!
    Would value your opinion if you don't mind!? x

    1. Hi Vicki, I'm so sorry I only just saw this! I would probably go for the 22 / 32 as I found them to be incredibly generous and super stretchy. :) x


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