#RealMoments with Simply Be - The Peril of Buttons, Decks and DJing

Image (c) Alison Hansen for #RealMoments at Simply Be.
The lovely people at Simply Be recently reached out to me about a campaign they were running which captured the #RealMoments experienced by women in everyday life. It was based around the idea that fashion doesn't always go to plan, and with that in mind, asked me to think of some of my most embarrassing fashion disasters. Sadly coming up with horror tales from the wardrobe was almost too easy, with many embarrassing stories in my disaster arsenal. However I decided to go with one of my more recent ones, which included a fight between some buttons, gravity and my k-cup cleavage.

As regular readers of my blog might know, I co-run a rock and roll club night called Whiskey Kittens with one of my friends, Tom. My wardrobe (and blog!) is filled with vintage and vintage repro dresses, and I had come across the most incredible swing dress which buttoned up at the front. Obviously having huge breasts is a bit of an issue with buttons, so I decided I'd beat the natural order of physics by securing the buttons with a needle and thread. Sadly my sewing skills are nowhere near as good as my DJ ones, and two hours of bending up and down to change discs was too much stress for the poor buttons to take! Two of them simultaneously decided to ping off into the crowd of people dancing leaving more on show than my good taste in music! Thankfully I had a cardigan with me so was able to style it out, but I love the illustration based on the story created by Alison Hansen.

If you want to join in the fun with Simply Be, or even just laugh at other people's misfortune follow the  #RealMoments tag on Twitter and have a giggle.

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  1. The image of your little "disaster" turned out so cool... those are the things to laugh about after all ;-)

    1. Hehe, I've become a firm believer that laughing at yourself is the best way to diffuse a situation. Which is probably just as well as at times I am an utter disaster magnet! ;) x


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