Hot Hot Heat - Summer Chub Rub Saviours from Bandelettes

Whilst I love Summer, almost every owner of a pair of thighs has come across the problem of what has affectionately been termed the dreaded "chub rub". We've all experienced it - that sweaty friction which turns a sunshine filled walk into a long, spiky fall into hell fire. There have been many solutions offered over the years - sweating it out in leggings, unattractive "comfort shorts" and all manner of creams and pastes designed to form a barrier for your skin. Whilst effective in their own ways, there's nothing like feeling sticky or squeezed like a sausage to leave you feeling less than a summery goddess. Thankfully this is where US brand Bandelettes have stepped in, giving chunky thighs a bit of breathing space when the weather heats up.

Bandelettes are one of those items which as soon as I slipped on, I couldn't fathom why someone hadn't thought of it sooner. Not only do they look like sexy stocking toppers so instantly put a kick in your step, the thigh bands protect and provide comfort from chafing all day long.

Available in a whole range of colours and designs (I was sent the Red Romance style to review), the wide lace bands are backed with non-slip silicone to ensure they stay in place all day. You simply measure the circumference of your thigh and choose the size which your measurements fit closest to, with the recommendation that you size down if you fall in between two options. Having run errands in them for an entire day, they didn't roll down or slip for the duration. The silicone kept them firmly where they needed to be, and it felt lovely to waltz around without an extra layer of tights or leggings underneath my dress.

You can view the whole Bandelettes range here, and even with the international shipping, they had arrived in less than a week. I cannot recommend them enough, and will definitely be coming back to purchase more. They are a wardrobe essential to survive the summer, and you'll be able to happily kiss your tights good-bye until the Autumn.

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  1. I actually really love the look and sound of these they are so much sassier than leggings xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

    1. I felt like I was wearing really cute stockings, but with the air against my legs. I cannot recommend them enough! :) x

  2. I always just cut leggings into little shorts to wear under skirts & dresses, but this looks like a much sexier option. Definitely off to check them out.


    1. Let me know how you get on - it felt so lovely to feel the air against my legs and let my poor skin breath! :) x


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