Click Flash - Cara Camera Across Body Bag from Accessorize

So imagine you're a handbag loving photographer, and you stumble across the most incredible camera shaped design ever made. That's what happened to me recently when I walked past the window of Camden's Accessorize. I quite literally stopped in my tracks, gasped and handed over my credit card without question. Never had I needed to purchase something so badly in my entire life!

Whilst I'm a lover of frivolity, I try to avoid spending money on silly things for the most part but this bag was too adorable to pass up. Called the Cara Camera Bag, the cross body design is comfy and easy to wear. It's small enough to be the perfect size for crowded places, but big enough for your phone, purse and your key make-up essentials.

Whilst being utterly ridiculous, I cannot look at it without smiling. The soft colour palette make it a neutral choice for most outfits, and it opens and closes easily with a simply popper.

Have I mentioned how much I love this bag? Expect to see it glued to my side all Summer long!

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  1. This is soo cute! I might have to make a trip out to buy one of these :) x

  2. I just watched the movie "Me Before You" and at the very end there is a flash of Louisa wearing a purse exactly like this one! I ran to my computer to find it and the only one just like it is this one in your blog. Do you know of any place that still sells this bag??

    1. Hi there, it was from the Accessorize (http://fave.co/291GHEC), but was from their SS15 range so it no longer available. That said, this was a revamp of a bag they'd had the previous summer, so you never know, they might bring it back. I just had a look on ebay, and there is what I think is the earlier SS14 deign going over at http://fave.co/291GK3e. Hope that helps, and really hope that you manage to get your hands on one! :)

    2. Thanks so much! I've been searching and found a couple online but they are all sold out. Hopefully they restock soon. It's such an awesome little bag!


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