The Witching Hour

You'll have to excuse my goofy faces in these photos. I felt so happy in this outfit, as I was pretty much living up to the summer goth dream which teenage me really wanted to be! Since the start of the year, my love for t-shirt dresses has only grown stronger so when I discovered this maxi beauty from H&M's basics range, I had to order it and give it a try. Sadly it's no longer available online, but they do have a off the shoulder version of it available here.

For me this dress has been perfect for those rare hot days we've experienced in the UK. Standing at a fairly average 5'6", the dress almost, but not quite hits the floor in flats which is exactly where I like my maxis to be.

I teamed it with a cheap straw hat which came from eBay many moons ago (which has since been updated with this H&M version here. My sandals are SS15 from George, with high wasited leggings from Simply Be and my necklace handmade from Willow Edinburgh. I love this necklace so much, and have got so much wear out of since it was sent to me. It's one of those items which goes with everything, and the tiny gold flecks really set off an all-black ensemble.

For me, this is the perfect summer outfit for the lady who gets burnt just by looking at the sun. Factor 50 paired with an oversized hat, and I'm good to go! I also love that the dress has a slit, which makes the garment feel ventilated when not worn with leggings. This is pretty much my uniform for when the temperature goes over 28 degrees, and minus the hat, is also perfectly comfy for shooting in too.

What are your go to summer favourites? Don't forget to tell me in the comments!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. I love a black maxi. It's just the perfect dress for every occasion. I also love your hair.


  2. Did no one teach you not to look at the sun! You'll damage your eyes ;)

  3. This looks like such an easy to wear dress and your look reminds me of something out of The Craft (in a very good way). But why such a short maxi?? I'm 5'8 and it'll be no good!

    1. Haha, I'm normally the opposite - everything is far too long for me as I always wear flats, so I was over the moon when I found this!


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