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I had wanted to get my hands on a pinafore dress for ages, but they just didn't seem to work on my shape, with my larger bust line being a (literal) huge issue for the fit. I had pretty much given up, but when I saw that the Sprinkle Of Glitter Dungaree Dress from Simply Be had gone into the sale, I decided to push my luck one final time.

I ordered three sizes - my regular size and then the two sizes above it and ended up keeping the largest one. The fit of the skirt was fine on all three, but the front panel comes up a tiny bit small for my taste so I went for the one which had the most coverage. It's not designed to completely cover your chest, but my big boobs ruined the shape of it in the smaller sizes so those few centimeters really made the difference. It also allowed me to deal with the straps which were a little long or me, as it meant I could pull the skirt down further to keep them taut.

Now, I'll be honest - I wasn't expecting to love the dress the way I did. I really had given up on the idea that I could make any sort of pinafore or dungaree style work, but the soft denim, rose-gold buttons and pockets instantly turned it into one of my wardrobe favourites. I love the casual style, but equally love how adaptable it is. Summer sees it paired easily with a crop top, whilst it's quick to layer with roll necks and boots for the cooler months. I love those wonderful pieces which can work all year long, and this is certainly one of the best! Also as my boyfriend helpfully pointed out, I could totally use this as a basis for a Super Mario costume, come Halloween! How's that for versatility?

I also have to mention how much I love this necklace. It's a puffin and a penguin based on a long standing joke which one of my lovely friends had made for the three female members of "puffin features". (#squadgoals and all that!) It's one of those silly things which would take forever to explain and still make no sense to anyone else, but it makes me so happy whenever I wear it! Plus, you know, penguins! 🐧❤

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. This is a really cute look. I was worried about the central panel on these pinafore dresses too, but you've sorted it by sizing up clever girl. Also love the colours with your hair!

    1. Thanks Hayley! :) It's one of those things which I've fallen in love with hard! I suspect I'm going to be pretty much living in it! ;) xx


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