Shake Your Pom Poms

I fell in love with this Lace Pom Pom top from Simply Be the second I saw it. It's not my usual style, but the 70s boho feel completely suckered me in, and I thought I could make it work in some sort of pastel goth style. Whilst the way I've styled it today is more Stevie Nicks than queen of the dammed, the crochet style is perfect for staying cool in. You know, assuming we ever get our summer back!

I'm wearing the Carmen bra from Elomi with it, as it offers good coverage underneath a top which is essentially see-through. You could easily put on a cami top underneath if you wanted to show less skin, but for scorching hot summer days, this really is the perfect option.

Hat: H&M

I love the pom poms hanging from the bottom of the top, and added the hat and necklace to balance the pastel pink of the floaty skirt. Whilst I'm normally all about the waist cinched silhouette, having something less restrictive was nice for a very humid day.

I have a suspicion that this top will also end up getting worn a lot with my high waisted black jeans and shorts. With the right styling, it has the potential to be a bit rock and roll, especially when teamed with a biker jacket and ankle boots. I suspect it'll end up being part of my go to gig outfit too, being great for hot sweaty rooms whilst still attempting to look cool!

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  1. What a gorgeous top! I love how you've styled it, you look stunning x

  2. I love how you've styled this! The touch of blush stops it being too American Horror Story. I have major hat envy, I want a massive floppy hat so bad but my head is so big they never fit!

    1. Honestly, hair pins have saved this issue for me! Between my big head and bumper bangs, inserting hair pins in through the straw and into the head have totally solved the problem for me. Even with non-straw hats, I make small holes in the band and then the pins are discreet and the hats stay put. :) x

  3. I can't do hats alas, but I do love the fabric on that top. The pattern of the holes is so great!

    1. Thanks Hayley! :) It's the perfect top for days like today when the weather is just melting! x


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