The (Red and) White Stripes

I will always have a soft spot for good vintage repro, so when Lindy Bop launched their huge 75% off sale, like many others I was waving my credit card in the air with excitement. But as a freelancer, the adult voice inside my head told me to show restraint, so whilst I could have easily brought at least seven dresses, I chose just the one which I had been lusting after even when it was still fully priced.

I find the sizing of Lindy Bop dresses to be really hit and miss, so took a chance and ordered the Audrey Red Stripe Swing Dress two sizes above my normal one. I did this mostly because the other sizes bellow were out of stock, but certainly my usual size would probably have been too small on the bust. The larger size is a little big on the shoulders, but since I got this for just £10, there was no way it was being sent back. I think I can just about get away with it, and even if I paid to get it altered, it would still probably be cheaper than buying it at full price.

It's such a cute, fun dress. It makes me thinks of picnics and seaside walks, and will hopefully get some use for both of those this summer. As the material is quite thick and comes fully lined, it's one of those items which will make it through to the chillier months too. I'm thinking it will work well teamed with a cropped cardigan, and maybe even a biker jacket to rock a 50s bad girl look. But for now, it's making me dream of boat trips and cream teas, and now that it seems that summer has finally started, I can't wait to make more use of it.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. Such a great dress and for only £10. Love the way you've styled it too. :) X

    1. Thank you darling! I think it's the best bargain I've managed to nab since forever! ;) x

  2. Candy striping cuteness! Now I want one! *heart eyes*

    1. Haha - sorry! If it makes you feel any better, every blog post you do, I'm pretty much the same! ;) x


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