Black Swan featuring Elvi and New Look

If you've ever rolled out of bed and desired to channel your inner goth ballerina, then boy, do I have the perfect outfit for you! I took these photos just before Christmas with a view to them being a good party look, and whilst I still stand by that, feel that it also adjusts to the edgier side of day wear too.

The Reptile Zip Box Top was a sale bargain from Elvi, and although I bought it initially to wear over high waisted jeans, I loved it tucked in with the zip partially opened. The reptile effect is created with tiny shreds, and although is a mix of PU and poly, has a touch of latex in it's look. The skirt was also a sale bargain, but this time from New Look Curves who have really upped their game with their plus size styles. Whilst it's no longer available on their website, I have recently seen it in their Oxford Street stores so you might be lucky if you want to try and grab yourself one.

I really like the mixture of textures with this look, and it's easily finished off with a trusty biker jacket for when you're still fending off the cold weather. Whilst both items are from AW ranges, I can really see myself getting a lot more use out of both items as we move towards warmer weather. In fact, I suspect the zip top might even end up being used as a light weight jacket itself!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. You really are a fairy goth ballerina! I have always loved that jacket, might have to see if I can snap one up myself as I struggle with jackets.

    1. It's totally worth snapping up, especially whilst it's on sale - it's really versatile! :) xox

  2. Cute outfit Di, it has a sort of whimsical but punk rock feel about it xx

  3. Love this look so much - the blend of textures is amazing!

    C xx

  4. This is SUCH a good look on you, I love how you mix it up from girly to goth!


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