Hits & Misses - An OOTD Round Up

There was a point in the summer where I was super productive, shot a whole load of outfits, got things edited and then got super busy with work. This was followed swiftly by getting really ill thanks to my gallbladder trying to murder me, and so there was a month or so where it was all a bit quiet on the blog front. The downside was for the first time ever, I had too much content - and posts kept getting pushed back to make way for other, newer things. And with autumn now here in all it's red and cinnamon scented glory, I figured it was time to be realistic and get these looks up and online before the time to wear them has passed entirely. And hopefully, many of these outfits will now be in the sale as the end of season lines make way for warm knits and cute boots.
I'm not quite sure where to start, so am just going to delve it - it should be easy to work out the timelines depending on how purple or how faded my hair is!

1. Indigo Denim Shirt Dress from Simply Be

2. Navy Print Shirt Dress from Simply Be

3. Welcome To Night Vale

4. Dino-Mite!

5. Primark Mesh Dress

Dress: No longer available from Primark

6. Mesh Dress from New Look Curves

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. A variety of different looks here. I loved the denim dress on you Di it's really different for you but you add your own flavour and style to the look x

  2. My faves are definitely the denim dress, and the black ensemble with the star tee. To be honest my blog was SUPER quiet over the summer, but social media means that there is still content in the world, and if you need to take some time off (especially for any sort of health reasons) then I say always do it. Your avid readers will still be here when you get back xxx


  3. Ohh! All these looks are amazing! I totally love that dinosaur dress!

    1. Thank you so much! It's definitely become one of my favourites! ;) xox


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