Run Baby Run - Energise High Impact Wired Sports Bra from Elomi

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have seen me complaining endlessly about an alternating cold / gallbladder / cold combo which just wouldn't quit. So erm, sorry about that and thanks for sticking with me. But without a doubt, this year has started with a bit of a whimper rather than a bang, which was frustrating as I was pretty excited about getting back into some gentle 5k training. But you know what they say, March is the new January, right?

I'm never going to be one of those people who loves running. However, once I'm out on the pavement with my headphones on, I find it such a good way to get my thoughts in order and it also forces me to be outside which as a freelancer who often works from home is no mean feat. I can sometimes go days without seeing the outside world, so for that reason alone, I will be back to it as soon as this cold has been fully vanquished.

Thankfully we're now well away from all that rubbish "New Year New You" rhetoric which lambastes us at every opportunity from Boxing Day onwards, but I do tend to use that period to pick up some new running gear when the deals are on. I find that investing in pieces to last is a good plan as my thighs will otherwise destroy any and all running tights upon sight. However the key item for me is a tough wearing sports bra, and Elomi are always for me, the fairy boob saviours. The Energise wired sports bra converts to a racer back which is why I love it - having that clip just gives my top half so much more support. I will still use a several sizes too small non wired sports crop bra on top when running to really hold them down, but for any medium impact exercise this bra has all the support you can ever need and more.

So real talk:

1. I don't work out in full hair and make-up! Please don't ever feel like you need to as it's so bad for your skin! My go to look when running is puffy red faced chic with a messy bun shoved under a beanie or visor depending on the time of year. People aren't going to be looking at you when your run. Realising that is half the battle.

2. If you do exercise outside, wear sunscreen. All year round. Even if it's raining. Your face will thank you.

3. No amount of people chatting about endorphins will make running fun if you're not that way inclined. It's nothing to do with weight - some people just don't enjoy it, and that's fine. I use it as a time to listen to audio books, and utilise running plans like Zombies Run and Zombies Run 5k. You'll never quite distract yourself enough from the fact that you're not sat at home in your pjs, but it does at least make it more tolerable.

4. There are no weights at the end of this barbell! Although I fully plan on increasing my upper body strength this year, for the purposes of creating silly photos, the pole was more than heavy enough!

5. These H&M+ running tights are the best I've ever found, but the sizes are completely off. For reference I wear the 3X as a 22/24 and they are spot on.

Do you have any exercise advice or tips to get in the mood? If so please do leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. I have one of these sports bras - they are amazing! I absolutely love mine. My tips are to go on a night and don't let yourself make excuses. Pre-pack your bag and keep it somewhere visable to spur you on.


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