Holidays In The Sun - Luggage Which Lasts From TUMI

With the summer season running up fast to meet us, all thoughts are turned to dreams of holidays and summer fun. So whether you're off on a two week pool side adventure or running home for a weekend of downtime with friends or family, there's one thing we all need to help us with that journey - some sturdy, reliable,  luggage. And TUMI at Betty Hemmings are here to solve all of your luggage needs!

Based in Canada, TUMI have the perfect range for you whether you're looking for something to get you through a long weekend, your daily commute or an extended adventure. Establishing themselves back in 1975, the brand have been creating beautiful luxury travel essentials mixing function with style for those who need their luggage to work hard. In their own words, TUMI is "designed in America, for Global Citizens everywhere."

For those of you with jobs or situations where you need to travel extensively, TUMI also offer a range of products to help make things as smooth as possible. One such option is the Richmond Travel Kit which offers an easy way to keep small toiletries, cosmetics or even jewellery safe and in one place. It's crafted to be both stylist and functional, with polished chrome hardware for a beautiful finish. The perfect space saving item, it will hang easily from hotel room fixtures to keep everything you've brought with you neat, organised and ready when you need it.

With a variety of price points offered within the range, my favourite luggage hero is the TUMI Latitude Extended Trip Packing Case which manages to be both light and super tough. Made from a clever material designed to be bendy and flexible, the case can withstand both high impact and harsh climates. The size of the case is also designed for longer trips, so perfect if like you're me you're a massive over-packer!

Currently the range only ships across the USA and Canada via BetttyHemmings.com, but international orders and shipments can be placed by emailing info@bettyhemmings.com. Or if you'd rather talk to someone on the phone, you can call their  customer service line on 1-877-869-4321 (but please be aware that international call charges will be applied).

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