Summer Days - AKA The Never Ending Quest For Non-Flaky Legs

Despite being born sometime in the early 80s, I feel like this is the first summer where I've actually properly dressed for it. Being a milk bottle Pokemon in their final stage of evolution, I have to be very careful with the sun. Over here it's a factor 50 party followed by big hats and even more factor 50 approximately 90 seconds upon leaving the house. Previous summers have seen me hide under leggings and cardigans in 35 degree heat, and I used to always say it was so that I didn't burn. But you know what, it wasn't - and today and I'm here to talk about something which I think a lot of other people deal with, but no one really speaks about.

I have weird looking dry skin. Dry skin and eczema to be precise. It's that brilliant combination where my body decides to flake and painfully crack in radiator weather, but explode in a wave of itchy rashes the second it gets above 25 degrees. It's annoying, but over the years I've managed to find my holy grail products which help me to keep on top off it for the most part (I'll link the products I love below). But despite that, there's one thing which never really goes away, never gets better or worse and is something which no one else really talks about. Well I have three words for you - dry, flaky shins.

I don't know what it is about this particular part of the body which rages against the use of cocoa butter, body oils and salt scrubs so aggressively. But you know what? No one cares. No one else even really notices. For years I wore leggings under dresses to hide it, spent ages attacking it with the body equivalent of cheese graters and probably made it worse by making my skin sit in skin unfriendly synthetic fabrics whilst avoiding any and all vitamin d. But this year it's different - I've been fully committed to suns out, legs out and it's felt like a proper revelation.

Whilst a few hours after moisturising my skin will still dry out, having them exposed to the fresh air has definitely allowed me to see an improvement. The additional moisture from my suntan lotion probably helps a little, but my non-scientific reasoning is that it's because they're getting some air!

On a side note, how adorable is this playsuit? It feels like a skater dress except I won't flash the world when wearing it, and it has the cutest adjustable tie shoulders for the perfect fit.

And if anyone's interested in what skincare I use for dry skin / eczema flare ups, here are my favourites:

- Oaty Creamy Dreamy from Lush - whilst this is meant as a shower gel, I use it in a bath to soak my skin when it needs some proper TLC. It's a bit too expensive for daily use, but as an occasional bath product has been a real life saver.

- Palmers Cocoa products are an actual dream. I use their Cocoa Butter option as an everyday body cream, and their Body Oil in winter where I need something a little tougher.

- When things get bad, I can't recommend this eczema specific E45 cream enough.

- It's taken me a long time to find a factor 50 sun cream which is both moisturising on my body and still has managed to retain a five star UVA rating. The Soltan Kids Protect & Moisturise lotion does just that, and bonus - it's always on special offer at Boots this time of year!

- Bonus tip - my lovely MUA recommended this face sun screen to me as I wanted something which wouldn't make my eyes skin, and also wouldn't make my foundation separate on my skin. The La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sun Cream is brilliant, with factor 50 fierceness working like a charm.

Also if you like plants, get yourself an aloe vera plant. They grow quickly, are easy to take care off and you can simply snap off a tendril to get yourself some calming aloe gel.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. I hope you enjoy the summer wearing all lovely summery clothes.


  2. I always use palmers coco butter on my legs fresh out of the shower and it seems to do the job

  3. Haha this title is definitely me right now! Been back off holiday for 2 weeks which means bye bye tan hello scaly legs 😩

    Great choice of products!

    Daniella @ www.myspiritualvibes.com x


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