Back In The 90s featuring H&M, JD Williams, New Look and Elomi

(All of the items in the post are ones which I've purchased myself, but links are AF links where possible.)

Hi pals, with Easter on the horizon, is it just me or does it actually feel like spring has finally  sprung? Hands up if you're looking forward to a long weekend filled with immense amounts of chocolate, because I know I am! I'm back with another ootd post as I'm trying to get back into blogging several times a week with a mixture of fashion and photography. This time it's an outfit which is a bit different for me, and a little out of my comfort zone. But apparently it's good to try new things, as I LOVE it!

When you're shooting and crawling all over the place to get the right angles, dresses and skirts are not the most practical items to wear. That said, I frequently do, teamed with thick leggings as padding so as to avoid flashing my models and clients. The problem is, being on the floor a lot means that your clothes get worn out fairly quickly so I've been trying to make myself wear more soft skinny denim and dungarees. This has made me get a bit more used to seeing my body shape in a more trouser based silhouette, but I am so attached to the floatyness of non-trouser options that I never consider them as anything other than workwear. So, in the interests of making myself branch out into uncharted territory, I bought myself a pair of cute trousers to wear even though I'm not shooting!

Whilst hardly revolutionary, it felt like a bit of an evolution for me - like one of the really rubbish Pokemon who finally levelled up! Maybe I can be Charilard?

I think this would be a great outfit to wear to a gig or festival - somewhere where I want to look casual and not have to worry about hanging onto a bag. I never really thought I'd get on board with the waist bag / bum bag / fanny pack trend as I lived through it once before in the 90s, but you know what, I love it. It's cute and practical and the belt on this H&M version is hard wearing with a strong clasp.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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