Homecoming - Tree Of Life Doormat From Red Candy UK

Sometimes you see something so unbelievably perfect for someone, that you just have to get it. That was how I felt when I saw this gorgeous Tree Of Live doormat, which immediately made my think of my wonderful mother in law and her pretty countryside home. Ever since I've known her she's been looking out for a Tree Of Life tapestry which didn't cost the earth, and whilst it's not that exact item, this doormat was pretty cute and within my limited #freelancelife budget. As she does a lot of gardening and goes on a lot of countryside walks, it was the perfect thing for a little extra Easter gift.

I had a bit of a panic moment when it arrived at home, as it is HUGE. Red Candy do a huge range of doormats, and since this is the only one which had the words "EXTRA LARGE" in the title, you would think that would have been a hint! But no, I was just too excited by the design, so clicked the link and that was the end of that!

Thankfully with the home being an old cottage, the doormat was the perfect fit. It's almost too pretty to wipe your muddy shoes on, but blends in nicely with the wooden doors and beams surrounding it. Thankfully it was a hit since due to the size, I was worried that we would be lugging it back to London where the mat is approximately the size of out entire rented flat! But luckily it's found a cosy spot in the cosiest home and put a smile on the face of one of my favourite people who does so much to make us feel loved.

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Diana x ❤ x

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