Spring Refresh - Test Shooting with Louise Lerego, MUA.

Louise Lerego is my favourite person in the world to shoot with. Not only is she an exceptional make-up artist who creates magic with a few shakes of a make-up brush, she is a calming force on any set and appreciates the joy of a cup of tea and a doughnut. Dubbed my "work wife" by Howard, here are some beauty snaps shot recently where we just wanted to test out some ideas and have some fun.

Model 1: Fl├ívia Dias
Model 2: Yitong Wu
Photographer: Fashion Loves Photos

These next ones were taken just over a year ago, where again we just wanted to have fun and create something bright and fun. They are still some of my favourite portraits!

Model 1: Baby Glam
Model 2: Eron
Photographer: Fashion Loves Photos

If you want to see what I'm up to in the studio, feel free to follow my photography Instagram over at instagram.com/fashionlovesphotos.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

(All photos (c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos unless otherwise stated. Please do not reproduce without written permission.) 

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