Long Haired Lady - Beautiful French Combs And Other Hair Accessories From Stone Bridge Hair.

I love trying out new things with my hair, so was really excited to receive a box of incredible hair accessories from the lovely people behind Stone Bridge. They are wonderful at finding the perfect accessories for your specific hair type and even have a form on their website to tell them about your hair. After sending them mine, I opened a box to find two sets of Round Edge Combs alongside a stunning Trientale Large Barrette and could not wait to try them out on myself.

Round French Combs in Tortoiseshell.

Round French Combs in Mink.

The Round Edge Combs are the perfect alternative to a head full of bobby pins. As someone who uses a whole lot of them to create vintage waves and styles, I often find myself leaving a trail from the bathroom and all over the house! Combs also have the advantage that they don't pull on your hair in the same way that pins too, and although I've struggled with using regular ones in the past, these French style designs are much bigger, and as such feel utterly secure.

The combs themselves are handmade in France and have carefully smoothed edges with no sharp points to catch, pull or damage your hair. They're incredibly versatile, whether you want to create a sweeping side part or a classic half-up style. They also come in a range of colours, from Tortoiseshell to Silver Shell.

The Trientale Large Barrette is an absolute object of beauty. It's come in so handy with the hot, humid weather we've been seeing of late, and is wonderful for keeping long hair off your neck with a smart and pretty finish.

Recommended for medium to thick hair, the Trientale Large Barrette has three star shaped crystal covered flowers set on top of a silver shell coloured base. Handmade in France, it takes ten days to finish the process with each crystal being heat set individually by hand. The clasp is Stone Bridge's signature gold plater barrette which is made from the highest quality spring steel and arrived in it's own pouch to store away safely.

It's the perfect size to pull long, thick hair up into a twist, but is also great as a decorative clip for an elegant half-up, half-down style.

Stone Bridge stock a whole range of products to help aid most hair styles, and are wonderful at advising the best products for you. Tell them about your hair by using this form here and get ready to fall in love with your mane all over again.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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