Get A Leg Up - Plus Size Heart Panel Tights by Pamela Mann.

Heart Panel Tights by Pamela Mann (£7.99).
I feel like I am forever on a quest to find tights which fit well so was over the moon when I discovered that Pamela Mann tights went up to a UK size 32.

I have a tendency to buy tights in the biggest size I can with the aim of pulling them up to just underneath my chest where possible. If I don't, I find myself doing the "hosiery shuffle" to avoid the crotch sliding down towards my knees, but even then frequently throw some shapewear on top to keep them in place. For the first time in a very long time I trusted what the size guide said, and Pamela Mann didn't let me down. They were maybe a tiny bit tighter on the thigh than I'm used to, but once pulled up, stayed in place whilst I danced the night away.

I absolutely loved the peek-a-boo heart panel which peeked out from underneath my skirt. I was also really impressed that I managed to wear them for a whole evening without laddering them. If tights are a sandcastle, my nails, even when cut short are the ocean ready to destroy them! Even at my most gentle I seem to find a way to poke a finger through the fabric so was incredibly happy to get into them and pull them up whilst keeping them intact!

I'm really looking forward to trying out some other patterns in the range and just might have found the leg wear holy grail!

Until next time,

Diana xx

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