Tales From The Bottom Of The Tea (Cup) - Getting Back On The Fitness Track With Skinny Love Detox Tea.

Over the last month, a combination of hot weather and severe iron and vitamin d deficiencies have led to a dramatic decline in the amount I've been exercising. My running has come to a quite literal standstill, and I've been finding it difficult to even push myself to go on long walks over the hilly heath. It's been frustrating as I tend to do my best thinking whilst in the middle of a run, and have found myself taking lots of over the counter vitamin supplements, but without seeing any real difference.

Because of this, I was really interested in trying out the detox teas from Skinny Love Teas. From the start, I want to point out that they are not selling themselves as a miracle weightloss cure, but instead provide a series of blends which are designed to improve digestion, reduce bloating and boost your metabolism. It was the energy boosting properties which really got my attention though, and with that in mind I was excited to give their Two Week Classic Combo a go.

The Skinny Love Detox Tea Two Week Classic Combo (£18.99).
The Two Week Classic Combo (£18.99) is made up of two different types of tea. There are 14 "am teatox" teabags which are drank with breakfast every morning. This is done in tandem with 7 "pm cleanse" teabags which are meant to be sipped after you've finished your evening meal.

The AM Teatox tea bags are all natural and designed to help boost metabolism, aid digestion, reduce bloating and detox your body throughout the day. With a Chinese oolong tea base, the blend also contains hibiscus flowers, maté leaves, liquorice root and all manner of other lovely things. It also has naturally occurring caffeine - 25% of what you'd find in an ordinary brew enabling a better absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Chinese oolong tea, hibiscus flowers, maté leaves, liquorice root, ginger root, milk thistle leaves, schizandra berries, Siberian ginseng and cardamom seeds. Contains naturally occurring caffeine.

As for the PM Cleanse tea, this is designed to have your body work overnight with help to cleanse your system, aid digestion, reduce bloating and detox your body to get it ready to face the next day. Unlike the AM tea, this one is to be drunk every other night and is designed to induce a mild laxative effect to help your body along the following morning.
Ingredients:Senna leaves, spearmint, fenugreek seeds, pysllium seeds, Chinese puerh tea, hawthorn leaves, flaxseeds and aniseed. Contains naturally occurring caffeine.
What I found most surprising was that I actually enjoyed the taste of the teas. Despite my tea love, I'm not normally a fan of herbal teas but the spearmint taste of the PM tea in particular was a real pleasure to drink. In terms of it's effects, to lose weight the tea has to be drunk in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise and works more as an aid rather than a solution.
I found that it really did give me an energy boost in the mornings though and that my skin and body felt a lot more cooperative than they had been previously. The teas did also genuinely help with bloating and although there wasn't any weightloss, it gave me the tools I needed to feel ready to face both the metaphorical and literal big hills. It's a great tea tasting prologue for anyone who wants to warm up to getting back to the gym or having a bit of a lifestyle change and I'm very much looking forward to running up those hills again.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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