Cat Claws - Tales From The Bottom Of The Wardrobe.

Recently I mentioned that during a huge wardrobe clear out, I came across three dresses which had been relegated to the bottom of my wardrobe for various reasons. This amazing 80s vintage peplum  dress was the second one I found, and I cannot believe it's been left unworn for such a long time!

Cat Ears Fascinator: Urban Outfitters.
Custom Cat Ears Necklace: Bette Noire.
Bracelet: Vintage.
Dress: Vintage.
Leggings: F&F.
Shoes: Yours Clothing.

Although it's not my usual style, it's a fun change and is definitely something I'd wear out to a club. Although I can understand why this dress did get packed away, I'm glad that I've rediscovered it.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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