Let It Glow - Feeling Younger highlighter from the Lush range of skin tints

I'm not scared of attacking my cheekbones with a contouring powder and dark blush, but highlighting is key to balance it out. Currently I use a very pale powder on the top side of my cheekbones, inner eyes, brow bone and cupid's bow dimple, so was intrigued to see what Lush's Feeling Younger could offer when I saw it on their shelf.

Billed as a "skin tint", Feeling Younger (£12) is a light reflecting miracle in a jar.Whether used over face cream, foundation or even setting powder, it gives the perfect dewy glint to make your skin glow.

Feeling Younger is designed to suit all skin colours, and even on my palest of the pale skin, the product managed to melt into a subtle, light-catching sheen. The jar looks tiny for the cost, but never fear -  you only need to use the smallest amount of product to get the desired effect

Made with soothing oats, skin loving cocoa butter butter and nourishing jojoba and almond oils, Feeling Younger sinks into your skin feeling both cool and hydrating. It's the perfect product to put over a tinted moisturiser or BB cream in the warmer weather where you want to switch matte finishes for a dewy radiance.

It's a really simply product to work with - I used my finger to dot Feeling Younger along the top of my cheekbones, underneath my brow and on top of my lip. You simply place it whether you want the light to catch.

To blend, you can use your fingers to tap it on but I preferred to apply a blending sponge to really pat it in properly. In these images, it has been put over both foundation and setting powder, and it blended in with no problem at all.

This is going to be my go to product for Spring and Summer, as it's so light on the skin and doesn't feel even remotely cakey. In addition to the face, it's also great to use on the d├ęcolletage and anywhere else you want to highlight. I've also found it really useful to blend out on the inner eye to help make me look more alert and awake. It's a tiny pot with a whole lot of uses!

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