Paint The Town Red - Sleek Pout Paint Lip Stain in Pin Up

It really doesn't matter that I have a drawer filled with approximately 100 million variants of red lipstick - show me a blue based red which I haven't tried before, and I will be all over it like nutella on a pancake stack.

That was my exact reaction when I came across the Pin Up shade of Pout Paint from Sleek Make-up. It kept coming up in conversation as a fantastic dupe for the Lime Crime Velveteens and OCC Lip Tar, but at a fraction of the price. Plus I loved the idea behind the Pout Paints and their excellent concept of mixing the range together to create your own personalised shade.

When used alone, Pin Up is a fantastic cherry red shade. The texture is thick without being gloopy, and dries to a lovely satin finish without making your lips feel cracked. It's not one to put on in a hurry though. Coming in a literal paint tube, the mixture needs to be applied with care, a lip brush and a steady hand. The formula applies semi-sheer and can be built up to a strong, solid colour for the perfect pout. Whilst you'll need to be careful when eating and drinking, the stain is generally long lasting but it is best to apply over lip primer and lip pencil for the most resilient finish.

My favourite feature of the Pout Paints is that they are designed to be used with other shades in their range. In addition to a variety of pinks and peaches, an orange, blue and white are available to mix things up. The orange warms your shade, the blue will darken and take your retro red to a dark plum with the white allowing you to lighten up your chosen mix. You simply apply basic colour theory to a paint palette, and create your own stunning lip shade to suit your mood. And with the tubes coming in at under £5, you don't have to melt your credit card to build up a collection of shades.

Having fallen in love with the pigment packed paint tubes, I am now absolutely desperate to get my hands on the rest of the range - especially the blue shade for that film noir finish. Whilst they're not the sort of product you can slap on and go, they are something which any make-up lover should have in their cosmetics arsenal as they are incredibly adaptable and lots of fun to play with.

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