#GeorgeChristmas - What's Definitely On My Christmas Wish List!

When you're listening to Christmas music in August, you know that it's time for some Christmas preview fun and a few weeks ago I was excited to see the #GeorgeChristmas range incoming from George at Asda. (You can read more about that here.)
Today I received a video where I'm briefly talking about my must-have items, so thought I'd share it here for you to see. It's so odd hearing yourself on film, somehow you never look or sound how you imagine you do!

My two must have items from the preview were the paisley dress which I'm talking about in the video, but also the beautiful black saddle bag which I think would work well with it.

(c) George at Asda

(c) George at Asda
I'd be a pretty happy person if Father Christmas put these under my tree! Or even better, if I unwrapped them on my birthday in a few weeks time! ;)

I'm so excited for the weather to be here to break out the AW wardrobe. I'm so ready for leaf kicking, hot chocolate, mulled wine silliness!

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