Whiter Shade Of Pale - Praslin Sequin Lace Skater Dress from ASOS Curve

I've never really been sure about wearing white. I'm a fairly messy and haphazard person most of the time and imagine it'd take mere minutes for me to spill tea or make-up down the front of whatever unfortunate, pristine frock I'm wearing. However some things are worth taking a risk over, and that was how I felt when my eyes fell on this beautiful Praslin Sequin Lace Skater Dress in the ASOS sale.

The dress is unbelievably pretty. Made from a knitted lace fabric with a subtle sequin sparkle, the empire seam is just right on my high waist. It's also lined which helps with any underwear issues as darker colours won't show through as easily.

Tights: Simply Be
Flowers: Pearls & Swine
Cherry Necklace: A gift
Shoes: Vintage

I added a few red accessories, and scared poor Lord Dicely by saying that I felt like a bride in the dress. Although short and simple, this is a something which I would happily get married in, in a heart beat! But seeing as that's not going to happen any time ever, I will instead be flitting around Christmas parties like a chubby sugar plum fairy come the start of the party season. It's currently on sale too!

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