I'm No Superman - Brushed Wool Cape from ASOS Curve

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am completely obsessed with capes. I have a bottle green vintage one which I will wear until the last polyblend fibres have rubbed themselves into oblivion, and will then probably pout. A lot.

Because I'm pretty annoying when I get upset, my darling boyfriend Lord Dicely brought me this stunning Brushed Wool Cape version from the recent ASOS sale. I've not been allowed to have it until my birthday next month, but as it is made from a thick wool and has a hood, mid-October is probably when I'd pull this bad boy out. Oh who am I kidding? We all know that if he hadn't hid it somewhere, I'd currently be sat typing away in it with the hood on high as we speak!

Unlike my thinner vintage cape, this one will be useful come the colder weather as it's fitted with a fairy tale worthy hood. You'd be hard pressed to not feel like you've stepped out of the Fables comics (or Once Upon A Time to you non-comic book fans) once on. When wandering through Hampstead Heath, I just might have to check that it's only squirrels following me home, and not an errant wolf or two.

This cape gives me real life heart-eyes-emoji-eyes. I don't know if it's the double breasted buttons or the fact that I can toss it in the washing machine which make me happiest, but quite frankly my birthday cannot come soon enough. One of the biggest downsides to having a very vintage orientated wardrobe is the freaking dry cleaning bills. Thank goodness for repro items like this!

There was a lot of complaining and sad animal sounds from me as I handed the cape over post shoot, but it's worth getting a year older just so I can run around like a vintage super hero all day. Which you know I will! With less than a month to go now, the cape-countdown is ON!

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