Twinkle Twinkle - Christmas Lights from House Of Fraser

Now that we're half way through November, the Christmas countdown is officially on! And whilst most of us are thinking about how to sparkle in our partywear, it's also time to consider the other great beauty we need to dress - our Christmas trees!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the soft glow of Christmas lights. They hold a certain magic, brightening up dark nights and filling a home with festive cheer. It was back in 18th century Germany where candles, lanterns and glass balls were first used to decorate trees, with electric lights starting to see use in the early 1880s once invented by Thomas Edison. Due to their expense they were mostly used by businesses with homes still sticking to candles and it wasn't until the early 20th century that affordable string lights went into production. By the 1930s they have been integrated into the usual Christmas traditions, although now their usage is far wider than just the Christmas tree, with trends helping to evolve all manner of indoor and outdoor styles for use all year round.

There are so many different styles of lights available now, that you can really choose every element about your tree. Do you go for cool or warm toned white lights, for an icy or warm feel? Coloured lights for a burst of brightness? Cluster for a magical sparkle? Indoor? Outdoor? LED? There are so many options! Pinterest is also awash with lots of festive fairy light ideas, with light stuffed bowls making a fantastic table decoration, or even wrapping around mirrors for a stunning reflected glow.

House of Fraser have put together a handy guide, which covers everything from hanging lights outside to tips to store them from next year. If this is the year where you're looking to invest in a new set, it is without a doubt an essential read! You can also see their entire range of lights here, which should have you covered for most of your sparkle based essentials!

How are you decorating your tree this year? Don't forget to let me know in the comments below.

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