Penguin Party - Super Cute Jewellery from Whimsy Milieu.

When recently shopping for a birthday gift for one of my friends, I came across this incredibly cute ring by Whimsy Milieu on the counter of Magma. As someone who has a whole lot of love for these pecky fellows, I couldn't resist picking him up as a frivolous treat for myself!

The shark variant was a close contender, but who can say no to such a cute face? The ring is hand-painted and sealed with a coat of matte varnish and he does a good job of overseeing everything from the top of my finger!
I should know by now to avoid Magma when one of my clients has just paid me as this ALWAYS happens. If not art books, I'll find something other piece of kitsch or cute silliness to bring home with me. That said, this little guy will be a very regular fixture on my finger and if you want to find your own critter to take home, check out Whimsy Milieu's Etsy store here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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