Christmas Sparkle with the Scarlett & Jo Kimono Flare Dress from Simply Be

I photograph most of the product images for the Scarlett & Jo website, so having shot this dress on at least five different people, I could no longer resist it's charms when a discount code for Simply Be materialised. The Kimono Flare Dress is one of those rare items which seems to fit perfectly no matter what body shape it's on, and just drapes on all figures like an absolute dream.

This dress has a lot of plus points. It's available up to a UK 32 (although the stretchy fabric allows for sizing down) has a beautiful silver sparkle running throughout the metallic lurex and is finished with a pretty frill running from the centre of the chest up towards the arms which forms something of a capelet.

This is without a doubt the perfect Christmas day dress. If like me you want to feel super glam but also fully intend to eat all the cheese and chocolate you can find, the stretchy fabric ensures you'll stay comfortable no matter how much you indulge. I've photographed the dress in a few other colours too (purple and bronze off the top of my head), but for me you can't beat a classic black and silver combo.

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  1. That's a really cute dress, I like the sparkles and the cut of it. I never understand why stuff like this is called Kimono though!

    1. Haha, I must admit you've got me wondering the same now. Perhaps there was a design change at some point in production and the name stuck? I must ask next time I'm shooting! :) xx

  2. Wow you look amazing. and I love the sparkle. Can't go wrong this time of year. Hope to see you very soon lovely. Merry Christmas x

    1. Thanks babe! Have a lovely Christmas too, and we'll have to get the NLDN ladies together in the new year for some belated festive fizz. xx


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