If Love Is A Red Dress.

This dress was picked up a few weeks ago by chance at a £1 Vintage sale courtesy of East End Vintage Clothing. I'm not kidding - it cost me one whole English Pound or two thirds of a cup of tea in most high street coffee shops.

I brought it on a total whim, feeling that it looked like the most hideous 80s piece of costume wear I'd ever seen when slung across the rail. I'd figured it could be the basis of a good Halloween project, or for DJing an 80s set somewhere. I never in a million years expected to slip it on and fall in love!

I don't even know where to start - the colour, beading and (removable) shoulder embellishment are all delightfully garish, and yet somehow their forces combine resulting in something which looks more theatrical or operatic. I actually feel like an 80s glamourpuss in the dress, which is insane considering it's not a show-stopper and is made entirely from polyester! I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I LOVE it. Goodness knows where I'll ever wear it to, but it's another one to add to the crazy what-was-I-thinking side of my wardrobe!
Dress: Vintage.
Red Roses in hair: Pearls & Swine.
Art Deco Ring: Tatty Devine.
Tights: Simply Be.
Boots: Primark. 

I suspect that I'll remove the over the top shoulder decoration / brooch and team the dress with a black belt and black heels to bring it up to date. I think it still needs some big Joan Collins hair and a cocktail to finish the look, and I really cannot wait to rummage through their £1 rails again soon.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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