Blue Wave - My 99p Dress from Yours Clothing.

I really cannot resist a bargain, so when I saw an email from Yours Clothing offering a selection of dresses for just 99p, I pounced on my laptop and clicked with speed. When I saw that one of the items on offer was a polka dot skater dress, I couldn't believe my luck and felt really excited for it to arrive.

Navy and White Polka Dot Dress with Red Patent Belt by Yours Clothing.
What I hadn't expected was to really fall in love with it! I'd brought it thinking it'd be a great dress to just run around in, but the shape and cut felt perfect. It's scoop neck, knee length hem and 3/4 sleeves make it an ideal dress to meet clients in, but it's also easy to dress up thanks to its skater shape. Even more of a shock was that the dress had a swing ticket showing it's £32 value! I cannot believe I managed to snag such an amazing bargain, and I feel so lucky!

Dress: Navy and White Polka Dot Dress with Red Patent Belt by Yours Clothing.
Necklace: Valentine Bunting Necklace by Tatty Devine.
Tights: Naturally Close by Fashion World.
Red Heels: Vintage.
Red Teardrop Ring: Vintage.
Heart Pinkie Ring: ASOS Curve Heart Pinkie Ring (worn as normal ring).
Teardrop Moonstone Ring: Thrifted.

I teamed the dress with lots of red to compliment the navy blue hue, and it feels like a really great and easy to wear Spring outfit. Now we just need some Spring weather to go with it! I love how the print and shape has a slight 50s feel which really speaks to my vintage sensibilities.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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