In Bloom - Ditsy Print Skater Dress from Simply Be.

Whenever I get asked about my style influences, the 1940s and 50s are clearly a huge part of that. However as a child and teenager of the 90s, it was almost impossible to grow up not wanting to be Shirley Manson or Courtney Love, and that is certainly something which has stuck with me into adulthood. For every vintage dress or cute bag I own, there's a pair of big boots and ripped tights waiting for the right chance to come out to play!

Ditsy Print Skater Dress from Simply Be.

Because of my love of the grungy aesthetic, I was utterly thrilled when I came across the Ditsy Print Skater Dress on the Simply Be website. The fabric is a lovely Liberty-print style ditsy floral number, with pale lilac and mustard hues set against a black background. It's certainly the cute side of grunge, ready to be worn with big boots and black tights. However it's pretty enough that it can also be teamed simply with ballet flats for a dressed down look.

The shape itself is one which would suit most body shapes as it is soft and floaty with a tie at the back. It's also spacious in the bust area, as I was worried the buttons would gape to the front. Once tried on though, it was pretty much perfect with it's generous sizing. 

Long sleeve or short sleeve?
One other dress feature is you can choose to wear the sleeves full length or rolled to the elbow. It even comes with a handy turn-back tab to keep them secured in place which is a really hand touch when I'm getting busy in the studio. It also has pockets - deep, well places pockets which for a photographer is the holy grail of dress design!

When I wore it out to a gig over the weekend, I amped up the grunge side of things by teaming it with an oversized black cardigan from F&F at Tesco, a belt from ASOS Curve and a personalised name necklace from Tatty Devine which says PhotoGeek. The tights, like the dress are from Simply Be and the boots were "borrowed" (read: stolen) from my darling beau.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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  1. You're so pretty, and the dress is adorable! I saw the link on Lana Pillay's wall and had to come say hello. I have trouble finding cute clothes, too, at times. Much love, and stay beautiful! xx

    Best Wishes, Lioness DeWinter xx

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment - you really have just made my day! xox


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