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Being a full time photographer, I'm very lucky that my North London living room frequently resembles a photography studio with mannequins, backdrops and most importantly studio lights constantly to hand. It has made it a lot easier for me to quickly take outfit photos which show off the detail of my clothes, accessories and make-up, and decided that it might be a good idea to put together a package for other bloggers.

Detail image of a necklace from Tatty Devine which I shot for my blog.

Cut out pack shot / ghost-lit mannequin image of a necklace from Tatty Devine which I shot for my blog.
When it was still in existence, I used to freelance for an online publication called Plus Size Tall, and one of the ideas I pitched to them was photographing people with a strong sense of style. These examples were shot back in 2012, and were designed to capture both the individual characters as well as the detailing of the clothing. They went along with an interview where the subject spoke about the clothes, accessories and their style influences.
Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista.

Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista.

Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista.

Kirsty from Fatty Unbound.

Kirsty from Fatty Unbound.

Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge.

Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge.

Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge.

Sian from Picked. Found. Passionate.

Sian from Picked. Found. Passionate.
I'd love to start shooting bloggers again, and whether you see yourself as a #psblogger, #fblogger, #bblogger or something else, I've put together a series of low-cost packages to show off your style. These prices are applicable to bloggers only, and you can click here and here to find out more about my published work and client list.

The shoot itself and a light editing (skin smoothing, spot removal, colour balance) are included in the price. (I'm happy to talk about additional editing with individuals with quotes given on request.)

3 images: £50
6 images: £80
10 images: £150

To get these prices, you MUST have a blog which has been in existence for longer than a month and also updated within a month.

I'm also not limiting this offer to just fashion. If you are any sort of blogger at all and would like to have some portraits taken, please do get in touch.

Howard (aka Lord Dicely) from Confessions of a Gentleman Gamer.
Aurora Galore from Aurora Galore.
If you are able to find your way to North West London (NW5) and would be interested in booking a shoot with me, please get in touch here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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