Blue Skies.

I love living in London, but the last few weeks have been crazy and I could not wait to escape to the countryside to spend the Easter bank holiday with Howard's lovely family.

It was four days of boardgames, good food and countryside walks with a touch of Easter Bunny magic thrown in for good measure.

My fruit bunny made by Howard's niece and nephew.

The personalised Kinder egg I made for Howard. Turns out it's impossible to re-wrap them once open! 

Mount Everest - one of the many, many boardgames played over the four day weekend.
Although I've been visiting Lambourn for almost three years, it was only this weekend where I felt like I'd really explored it. Howard, my lovely sort-of-sister-in-law and I all went for a 5k walk through the local fields, which despite nearly killing me thanks to big hills and hayfever, was very much worth it for the stunning views.

The start of this walk is just minutes away from the Burdett parental home, and it offers breathtaking views and a path of wild flowers to make you feel like you've stumbled into some sort of fairytale.

We were also lucky enough to see two families of ducks and ducklings learning to swim against the current in the river running along the backgarden. There were several cries of "Ducks! Ducks!" over the weekend which led to everyone running outside to see them. Although the first family of ducklings were older, the second one were very much still tiny balls of fluff!

Most importantly, I got to spend lots of time with this handsome face. It currently feels so rare that we're not stuck to cameras or laptops until late in the evening, so it was absolute bliss to just spend time together doing very little. Most mornings began with playing boardgames in pyjamas with his mum at the breakfast table, and that pretty much set the pace for the rest of the day!

That said, no matter how lovely it is to get away, there really is no place like home and it was nice to be back in London.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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