Fresh As A Daisy - New Look Inspire Daisy Print V-Neck Skater Dress.

I absolutely love daisies. Whether they're in a park, on a necklace or in my hair, as soon as the first signs of Spring have hit, they make me happy whenever I see them. As soon as I saw this daisy print dress from the New Look Inspire collection, I just had to have it so was over the moon when I saw it appear in the sale on the ASOS website.

New Look Inspire Daisy Print V-Neck Skater Dress. (On sale for £12.50 here.)
The dress is perfect for sunshine fun, and is teamed easily with wardrobe staples such as ballet flats and leggings. I'm wearing it here with my favourite leggings from F&F True, flowers from Pearls and Swine and a Space Invader name necklace which Howard had made from Punky Pins.

I think my favourite thing about this dress (bar the print of course) is the v-neck. I'm so used to skater dressed having a round neck, and I found with a larger chest, it had an almost sweetheart style neckline.

I'm heading off to the countryside over Easter, so this will be my last post until I'm back. I hope you have a lovely bank holiday filled with lots of chocolate and bunnies, and will speak with you when I return.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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