Smooth Operator - King of Skin by Lush Cosmetics.

When someone tells me "Oh my god, you have to try this product, it will change your life!" I tend to nod politely and forget all about it. However a few months ago, someone at Lush said that very thing to me and I walked off with King of Skin in my bag and a slightly dubious look upon my face. Turns out the Lush employee was correct - this product was a complete game changer for me!

I was having huge problems with the skin on my shins. Since I upped my running game, my already very dry skin was starting to crack and flake from the friction. It hurt like crazy, and nothing at all would touch it. I tried all sorts of oils, creams and even prescribed treatments from the doctor , but absolutely nothing worked. That was until I tried King of Skin - from the very first use, there was a vast improvement and two weeks later, my skin looked the best it had in years.

It's a bit of a funny product. You use the solid bar in the shower and when rubbed over wet skin, it melts, softens and hydrates. The crown shape whilst cute is also practical as it gives you a good grip of an item which becomes slippery when damp. Used right at the end of your shower or bath, you simply pat your skin dry and you're good to go.

The bar itself is packed with all sorts of yummy goodness which makes your skin smell as lovely as it feels. Banana and avocado nourish whilst oatmeal and cocoa butter soothes, calms and softens. Although Lush recommends a final rinse once applied, I have found that my skin quite likes the additional hit of oil so skip it for additional nourishment.

I cannot recommend this product enough - it is simply the only thing which has made any impact and I just wish I'd discovered it years ago. If you suffer from dry skin, eczema or skin cracks at all, check it out and prepare to be amazed! 

Link: Lush King of Skin (£5.50).

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Diana xx

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