Dancing In The Dark. Whiskey Kittens with Collectif, Bete Noire and Hell Bunny.

The end of the month comes with a sigh of relief for many people. For most, it means that pay day is imminent. For me, it means I get to jump behind the decks at Whiskey Kittens for our monthly rock and roll club night.

Cat Ears: Urban Outfitters.
Roses: Pearls & Swine.
Necklace: Custom Whiskey Kittens Double Heart Necklace from Bete Noire.
Dress: Dolores Doll Classic Cotton Dress in Black from Collectif.
Petticoat: Hell Bunny.
Cardigan: Jo Cardigan Bluebird from Collectif.
Tights: Marks & Spencer.
Shoes: Primark.

Behind the decks!

Pages and pages of reference notes to help decide what to play.

On route - photo by @_kjf1.

With my DJ partner in crime, Tom.

Even though we play until 2am, it always seems to be over far too quickly. Like every month, the dance floor is still packed when the lights come on, and already I cannot wait for next month.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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