Wild Roses - Adventures from the bottom of the wardrobe with ASOS Curve, Tatty Devine and Frankii Wilde.

Recently I had a bit of a clear out in my wardrobe and came across a bag of clothes which had been put away and resigned to never be worn again. Clearly I was being stupid at the time as I've managed to pull out three amazing dresses and whole lots of other bits which I cannot believe had been languishing in the darkness whilst I lamented that I had nothing to wear!

One such dress was this high-low beauty from ASOS Curve. Brought several years ago, it was ignored as I couldn't find a cardigan to wear with it which worked. It never even occurred to me to just rock it as is, chubby arms and all! How times change!

Rose Crown: Frankii Wilde.
Necklace: Primark.
Dress: ASOS Curve.
Bracelets: Vintage.
Leggings: F&F.
Red Heels: Vintage.
Art Deco Ring: Tatty Devine.
Teardrop Moonstone Ring: Vintage.

I'm so excited to have rediscovered it, and can't wait to wear it out somewhere special soon.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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