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Recently I was asked a question by Giffgaff about shopping on a budget, and this is one of those subjects I could talk about for hours! The question came about as Giffgaff have recently launched a new campaign to help people avoid getting trapped in phone contracts, and as such, have been speaking to bloggers about how they can save money in other parts of their lives.

Our inspiration for this campaign came from the “Live Below the Line” charity challenge which is designed to raise awareness of poverty by challenging people to do 5 days worth of food shopping on only £5. We thought we’d take the challenge to the next level by asking a group of bloggers for opinions and tips on how to live different aspects of your life on a shoestring budget.
Living in London I'm quite spoilt for choice with a huge array of thrift, charity and vintage shops where with a savvy sartorial eye, I've managed to come away with an outfit for less than what I've paid for lunch!

Whilst vintage shops can be a little on the expensive side, never underestimate the treasure which can be found on the rails of charity shops. The location you're in can make all the difference to both the style, quality and price of what's there, but I've often found collections of 70s shifts, 50s bags and bakelite bangles for less than £5.

London also has a wonderful selection of vintage flea markets, car boot sales and table top rummages. Although they can be a bit hit or miss, those who are happy to wade through piles of rubbish can often come away with something quite special. My personal favourite is the £1 vintage event from the East End Vintage Company where I can have previously waltzed off with three vintage dresses for just £3!

For those not in London, there are plenty of online bargains to be found to. If you have even a vague idea of what you're looking for, eBay can be a fantastic source of purse friendly finds, especially if you hold off on bidding until the closing seconds.

Check out the Giffgaff post here to see what other bloggers are saying and feel free to add your own money saving tips to the list!

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